🪙TreeNFT of Wealth

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TreeNFT are a limited collection of 2500. Each one grants you access to multiple revenue streams, exclusive delta neutral strategies, and a dedicated role within the community.

  • Private mint price: 0.86 BNB

  • Pre-mint price: 0.92 BNB

  • Public mint price: 1.00 BNB

TreeNFT Benefits

  • Airdrop for Minters: this airdrop goes to everyone that minted a TreeNFT, regardless of if they hold onto the NFT or not (1000 VEP per TreeNFT minted, distributed as 50% liquid VEP tokens and 50% veVEP locked for 2 years)

  • Airdrop for Holders: this airdrop will be sent to anyone holding a TreeNFT at the time of the snapshot - sometime between the time the mint ends and the launch of the DEX (768 veVEP locked for 2 years)

  • Royalties for Minters: 2% of secondary sale royalties will go to TreeNFT minters for life. This is regardless of whether they hold or stake their NFTs or not. These funds will be distributed monthly

  • Royalties for Stakers: 2% of secondary sale royalties will be added to the staking pool and will be claimable by those that stake their TreeNFT

  • Fee Revenue for Stakers: a portion of all trading fees generated by the DEX will be distributed to TreeNFT stakers

    • NFTs must be staked to earn fees. The TreeNFT fee schedule is as follows:

      • Months 1-3: 20%

      • Months 4-6: 15%

      • Months 7-∞: 10%

Secondary Marketplaces:

TreeNFTs will be tradeable on:

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/

Element Market: https://element.market/bsc

TofuNFT: https://tofunft.com/bsc

Tree of Wealth Story (TreeNFT)?

Deep within a mystical realm stands the remarkable Wealth Tree. Its towering presence and golden leaves whisper promises of riches and success. The tree's ethereal energy radiates abundance and prosperity, its intricate bark reflecting countless dreams fulfilled. Seekers who approach with reverence are bestowed delicate golden leaves, holding the power to transform lives.

Those fortunate enough to possess these leaves are destined for fortune. With the Wealth Tree's blessings, once barren fields flourish, ventures prosper, and dreams become reality. Yet, the tree's true power lies in the wisdom it imparts, teaching that true success stems from nurturing aspirations with diligence, kindness, and gratitude.

The Wealth Tree guides individuals on a path of prosperity, inspiring them to share their abundance and create a ripple effect of positivity. In a captivated world, those who encounter the Wealth Tree are forever changed, carrying a profound understanding that true success lies in harmonious balance material prosperity, personal growth, and the shared well-being of all.

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