How to EARN with veVEP

Earn up to 2000% APY


The heart of VEPLUS is the ERC721 governance token, $veVEP. This token allows VEP holders to have their own passive income when participating in the Veplus ecosystem.

1. What and Why vote to earn?

β€œVote and earn” that provide passive income to $VEP holders on a weekly basis. By locking $VEP, holders will receive $veVEP, and users holding $veVEP will have the right to vote for the pools that will receive emissions each Epoch. The longer you lock $VEP, the more $veVEP you will receive.

So what is veVEP utilities?

  • Protocol revenue access: veVEP holders can vote for protocol on a weekly basis, and access 70% of the trading fees (later 80%) and 100% of the bribes for the associated pool.

  • Governance participation: veVEP holders can partake in governance and cast votes for the protocol improvement proposals.

When you use veVEP for voting, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 100% Bribe Revenue: All voters earn 100% of the bribes for the pools they have voted for in each epoch.

  • 70% Fee Revenue: veVEP voters will receive 70% of the transaction fees from the pool they have voted for.

  • Weekly veVEP distribution (rebase)

2. How to start Vote and Earn

2.1 Create veVEP & gain your voting power

(If you have veVEP aready, read 2.2 Vote and Earn with veVEP)

Step 01: VEP holders access the "Lock" feature at:

Step 02: On the "Vest" page, click the "Create Lock" button (on the right side).

Step 03: The "Create New Lock" table will appear, where users enter the amount of $VEP they want to lock and the lock duration. The longer the lock duration, the more $veVEP tokens you will receive. The proportions are defined as follows:

  • 100 VEP locked for 2 years will become 100 veVEP

  • 100 VEP locked for 1 year will become 50 veVEP

Step 04: Click the confirmation window on your wallet to confirm.

Step 05: A success message will appear on the screen indicating that the transaction has been completed.

Step 06: In the "Vest" section, you will see the corresponding $veVEP tokens for the amount you have locked.

2.2 Vote and Earn with veVEP

Check the pools and cast the vote here:

Higher APR = Higher reward

You need to cast your vote every epoch to earn rewards in the next epoch. All epochs start at 0:00 UTC on Thursdays every week, so please remember to cast your vote before 0:00 UTC on Thursday to avoid losing your voting reward.

2.3 Claim rewards

Rewards for voter will be distribute at 0:00 UTC Thursdays every weeks. Claim here:

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