While Veplus supports permissionless liquidity pool and gauge creation, these can only include whitelisted tokens. The protocol will launch with an extensive list of pre-whitelisted tokens, including those from partner protocols.

Partners can request additional tokens to be whitelisted.

A permissionless whitelisting on-chain governance process will be implemented in the future, pending required on-chain governance infrastructure on BNB Chain.


We aim to make a positive impact on the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem. We actively seek collaboration and partnership opportunities.

To explore potential collaborations, please dm for our Marketing and Partnership Manager by 03 ways:

  1. Open a ticket on our discord server:

  2. Send DM for Andrew on Telegram with Telegram ID: @andrewveplus

  3. Send email to:

We are interested in a variety of partnership opportunities, such as product development and integrations, gauge whitelisting, cross-promotion, or partner allocations, provided they align with our objectives.

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