A community-owned decentralized exchange and liquidity layer on BNB


We're an ensemble of seasoned innovators, deeply submerged in the intricate cosmos of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Our experience spans products that incorporate the ve(3,3) model within the DeFi sector, including Solidly and Velodrome, and we've taken note of their potential and constraints. Motivated by a profound interest in DeFi and specifically the ve(3,3) model, we have combined our expertise to create a unique product, Veplus. This distinctive DEX product represents an upgraded version of the ve(3,3) mechanism – the ve(3,3) plus version, which includes a buyback and burn feature, and is incorporated into the BNB Chain.

Our ambition for Veplus is to secure its position as the fundamental liquidity pillar of the BNB Chain, triggering value creation by assisting emerging protocols to bypass initial liquidity hurdles and offering established protocols a durable plan to curtail costs and stimulate liquidity. As an enhanced version of the ve(3,3) mechanism, complete with buyback and burn capabilities, Veplus is well-equipped to support this effectively. In the open-source and decentralized landscape of DeFi, we staunchly believe that a synergistic strategy is essential to outperform competition and establish a product as a market leader.

Our Mission

Our ambition is to catalyze the expansion of DeFi. We stand firm in our conviction that the moment is ripe for blockchain technology to usurp the long-standing systems, and VEPLUS, fortified with the ve(3,3) mechanic, epitomizes a significant stride towards addressing these challenges. We've further advanced the ve(3,3) mechanic with the introduction of the ve(3,3) plus version in Veplus, an upgraded system boasting a buyback and burn feature. This enhancement is designed to moderate inflation and render the mechanism less volatile, promoting stability in the DeFi realm.

Our primary goal is to serve as a trustworthy gateway for both emerging and established protocols in search of sustainable liquidity inducements on the BNB Chain. We strive to generate immense value through this approach, benefitting not only our users but also enriching the entire BNB Chain ecosystem. By deploying Veplus and its updated ve(3,3) plus mechanic, we're championing an innovative way to enhance liquidity and control volatility, fostering a more robust and resilient DeFi landscape.

In the next decade, we believe that many of real world problems will be solved through blockchain technology. We recognize a significant obstacle for all protocols is liquidity so we choose to empower teams to solve real world problems using new blockchain solutions, specially in the area of Real World Assets, Lending, GameFi and SocialFi on BNB Chain.

Why BNB Chain?

BNB Chain was chosen as Veplus' foundational network due to its alignment with the platform's core values. BNB Chain architecture offers scalability, high transaction speeds, low costs, and robust security. Moreover, BNB Chain hosts a multitude of DeFi pioneers and high-quality projects, which Veplus aspires to join and support in the global on-chain adoption endeavor.

Before using Veplus, you are required to read and agree to our legal disclaimer.

Growth Strategy

To sustain a competitive advantage and reach the pinnacle of market leadership, Veplus has fundamentally integrated collaboration into its strategy. We've allied ourselves with organizations that resonate with our shared aspiration for DeFi evolution, strengthening our foothold in the industry. These alliances span across both well-grounded entities within the BNB Chain community and those from diverse networks, all sharing a common thread of fervent dedication to DeFi progression.

The importance of these collaborative efforts cannot be overstated. They bridge gaps, inspire innovation, and leverage the collective strengths of different ecosystems. With Veplus at the forefront, these strategic partnerships serve as conduits to actualize the boundless potential of DeFi. We believe that together, we can harness this potential to its fullest, creating a ripple effect of value and growth across all networks we engage with.

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