Swap Fees

0.01% for stable and 0.05% for volatile

Veplus offers users to trade digital assets in a secure way at low fees. By default, the trading fees are 0.01% for stable pools and 0.05% for volatile pools.

The trading fees are kept in the original tokens. If you trade $BNB and $USDT, the fees will be kept in $BNB and $USDT.

Stable Pools

Stable pools are designed for assets which have little to no price volatility. These pools allows to trade with low slippage for large trades like Curve.

x³y + y³x ≥ k

Volatile pools

Volatile pools are designed for assets with high price volatility. These pools use a generic AMM formula like Uniswap.

x × y ≥ k

Visual representation of the formulas

The mathematical formulas are used to keep the total pool liquidity balanced at all times.

Below, you can find a visual comparison between the stable (red) and volatile (green) AMM pricing equations, where:

  • x is the amount of first asset in the pool

  • y is the amount of second asset in the same pool

  • k is a fixed constant

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