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While the ve(3,3) model presents a remarkable potential in addressing the hurdles of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), there are still challenges within its existing implementations. Veplus is at the forefront, aiming to rectify these issues through pioneering enhancements. Coupled with the buyback and burn feature of ve(3,3) plus, these advancements seek to conquer the limitations and offer a more fortified and efficient solution, contributing to a balanced and resilient DeFi landscape.

Buy back and Burn Feature:

Introducing the unique buyback and burn feature of the Ve(3,3) plus model - an innovative mechanism designed to promote value growth and curb inflation. This feature operates by systematically repurchasing tokens from the open market and subsequently 'burning' them, thus reducing the overall token supply. This dual action stimulates potential value appreciation and counters inflationary pressures, fostering long-term stability and growth in the decentralized finance landscape. Ve(3,3) plus' buyback and burn feature is more than just an enhancement - it's a game-changer, positioning Veplus as a vanguard in the thriving DeFi ecosystem.

The advantages for liquidity providers on Veplus are as follows:

  1. Early Pool Rewards: Liquidity providers who participate in newly launched pools are rewarded with increased incentives. This allows them to generate higher revenues by being ahead of the maturity curve and capturing early rewards.

  2. Reduced TVL Volatility: Veplus aims to reduce total value locked (TVL) volatility, which helps stabilize the price of the VEP token. As liquidity providers are the primary recipients of emissions, a stable token price benefits them by providing a more predictable and steady income stream.

  3. Long-Term Pool Management: By minimizing TVL volatility, Veplus encourages liquidity providers to keep their liquidity within the platform without the need for frequent shifts to other platforms and farms. This simplifies pool management and reduces the need for LPs to constantly switch platforms.

The advantages for protocols incentivizing liquidity are as follows:

  • Predictable Liquidity: By incentivizing liquidity provision, protocols can ensure a more stable and resilient liquidity pool for their tokens. This increased liquidity reduces the impact of price and reward volatility, making the token's ecosystem more predictable for users.

The advantages for veVEP voters / treeNFT stakers are:

  • Predictable Voting Conditions: By having more committed capital from long-term stakers and voters, the voting conditions on Veplus become more predictable. This sustained commitment ensures that pools remain sustainable and continue to generate trading fees for the benefit of voters.

  • Reduced TVL Volatility: With lower volatility in the Total Value Locked (TVL) on the platform, veVEP voters and treeNFT stakers can expect a more favorable, sustainable, and predictable revenue stream. This stability helps build a resilient future for Chronos by attracting and retaining liquidity providers and voters.

  • Sustainable Liquidity: By incentivizing long-term commitments from veVEP voters and treeNFT stakers, Veplus establishes sustainable liquidity, strengthening the platform's foundation. This sustained liquidity provides stability and resilience, contributing to the long-term success of Veplus.

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